One of the buzziest new bands in the Nashville pop scene,


Kid Politics has quickly made a name for themselves with an arena-ready live show, hook-laden anthems and a lead singer with a voice unparalleled in the current
pop landscape. 

The band was formed in late 2016 when lead singer Kelby Dover was introduced to drummer Michael Mann by a mutual friend. Dover shared a repertoire of hundreds of self-penned songs that he was hoping to record and Mann knew he had to be a part of it. “I’d never heard a voice like Kelby’s,” recalls Mann. “You meet a lot of great singers in a city like Nashville but the songs themselves were amazing and I knew right then that we had something special.” Adds Dover, “I had only shared my songs with a few people up to that point so I wasn’t sure if Michael was just being nice. He stuck around so I guess he was telling the truth.” Adding the bass prowess of Conroe, Texas native, Nick Arbuckle in the spring of 2018, Kid Politics was born.

The name of the group was inspired by the idea that “people should be nice” and treat each other as kids do on a playground where no creed or color takes precedent before getting to know one another. This inclusive spirit embodies the tracks on the trio’s upcoming EP “Lost In The Jungle” releasing on December 14th.  

“Everything we do leads to the stage. When I write songs, I’m constantly asking myself, ‘Would 20,000 people want to sing this at the top of their lungs?’ Being able to experience a moment with a crowd of people is why we do what we do,” Dover says.

Already drawing comparisons to Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, and OneRepublic, Kid Politics are poised to break through with heartfelt lyrics, sing-along melodies and an electric live show.